REVIEW: The Burnt Tapes – Alterations

burnt tapes ep

Punk rock quartet The Burnt Tapes have just released their new EP Alterations. The band, originally hailing from Athens, Greece, already have two EPs under their belt, but Alterations promises to bring a more developed sound—with extra-added grittiness.

Kicking off the EP with the punchy, upbeat title track ‘Alterations’, the band immediately showcases that raw, Midwestern punk sound. The layered vocals and distorted, grainy elements make it one hell of an opener. It doesn’t even take a full minute to see that The Burnt Tapes are an extremely skilled band.

Like most of the songs on the EP, ‘Alterations’ is a very accessible track—it works for pop-punk lovers, post-hardcore enthusiasts and even indie-rock admirers. ‘Oh, Marie’ is a moodier track, giving us another dose of that Midwestern emo-punk sound. The song carefully combines a slick, bouncy melody with the same raw, thick vocals displayed in ‘Alterations’. ‘Ghosts’ has similar gloomy undertones to the former, but features a sprightlier punk melody.

Elsewhere, ‘Wayne Regretzky’ is an energetic summer-sounding pop-punk tune. Though the song itself isn’t anything wildly innovative or different, the edgy, effervescent riff that is played throughout, and the strained, raw vocals the band are known for, make it the perfect song to have on repeat.

Last track ‘Things Get Weird’ ends the EP on a high… Okay, so the whole thing is one giant high! The explosive track is pure angsty goodness. The band, once again, showcase just how interesting and melodious their tunes really are.

We are just going to come out and say it: we love this EP. And we love The Burnt Tapes.

Alterations by The Burnt Tapes is out now via Lockjaw Records.


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