Top 10 Festival Survival Tips

Festival season is upon us and the seasoned pro’s are dusting off their wellies, booking tickets, and whispering reassurances to their livers, while the next generation have absolutely no idea where to start! Here at Drop This we don’t claim to be festival gurus, but we’ve made out fair share of festival mistakes, so we thought we might point you newcomers in the right direction and ease your anxious minds by giving you our top ten festival survival tips!

10) Wellies. No matter what.
It’s so tempting to look out at the glorious sunshine a few hours before you set off on your festival adventure and think “Look at that weather! There’s no way I’m going to need wellies!”. You’ll convince yourself that wellies are just something extra to carry. You’ll even convince yourself nobody else will have them either. You will be wrong. Trust us, we’ve done it before and we’ve found ourselves knee-deep in mud, we’ve fallen over countless times, and we’ve lost a trainer or two. If you still don’t want to carry a pair of wellies, make sure you know where you can get some at super short notice while you’re at the festival.


Image: BBC

9) Powerbanks.
A few years ago rumour has it that festival goers had to rely on one battery cycle for the entire duration of the festival, and they sound like dark times. Granted the Nokia 3310 had a battery life that could outlast most of the human race, but iPhones aren’t quite so lucky. If you’re going to bring your high-tech phone so you can make everyone back home jealous, do so at your own risk, but pack a power bank or two, and do your research to make sure you get a power bank that will provide a lot of charges. Or just dig out that Nokia 3310, keep it for emergencies only, and don’t spam your social media feeds to the point you lose friends. Whatever works for you.

power bank

Image: eBay

8) Do your tent research!
This may sound silly, but I’ve seen people enduring the worst mother nature has to endure in a cheap tent from a local budget store, and it doesn’t often end well (although it provides great comedic value to those in their suitable tents). Tents must be waterproof, preferably with a double layer also to prevent wet walls inside. If you’re not a camping veteran, practice putting your tent up a couple of times in the garden. Pop-up tents are always tempting, but they can be a pain in the backside to carry around. However, they do have the added benefit of being ready within a few seconds, meaning you can crack open a beer and watch your friends struggle with their tent-like contraptions. Bliss.


Image: Meme Centre

7) Do more tent research!
If a tent says it sleeps 2 people, assume it will fit one person and their stuff. The lovely tent manufacturers don’t factor in the huge camping bag of yours unfortunately. If it’s muddy outside you’ll be grateful for a spare piece of tent to leave your wellies, and the more space you have, the more organised you can be. A 4 person tent for one person even gives you enough room to comfortably get changed! Who said festivals couldn’t be a little luxury? It all depends on your tolerance to sharing space, living out of a bag, and how organised you like to be. Give it some thought before you purchase your tent.

small tent

Image: JustPost

6) Why would you wear your nicest clothes?
We get it! You want to look nice in all the pictures, you want to look attractive to other festival goers, and you’re not ready to forfeit all of your basic human needs just yet, but seriously… don’t wear your nicest clothes! The clothes you bring will get muddy, they will stink, they will possibly end up with a variety of body fluids on them, and it’d just be a waste of money if they were expensive clothes. We’re not saying you should all wear bin bags and lose all self-respect, but be sensible.

festival fashion



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