REVIEW: The Family – Welcome to the Family

welcome to the family ep

Hate your parents! Leave ten plates in your bedroom! Wear plaid and stare at all the hipster lumberjacks because you totally did it first! Deny that the music you like is the same structure as pop music because it totally isn’t!

Now, slightly out of breath and with the soul-crushing revelation that you have a 9-to-5 and this is your house and you totally need to mow the lawn because Martin, the gardener, is on holiday for two weeks you sit down and have a cup of coffee that you actually made yourself with a grinder and everything and contemplate where, where it all. Went. Wrong.

You grew up on this stuff. Admittedly Kurt was dead before you even knew of Nirvana, but no-one you spoke to since discovering Nevermind knew that, right? Besides, everyone knows In Utero was the better album. Now look at you. You totally sold out and are part of the system. You became the man, maaaan!

How is all this relevant? Welcome to the Family EP by The Family is a faux-angry pop-grunge work of art. We’ve got genuine love for this release. The format is tried and tested, but the recording quality is high. There’s awesome syncopated bass and guitar single-note descending chromatic riffs on ‘My Kinda Scum’ with a reverb-heavy distant guitar solo, there’s excessively panned tom-toms with a really wide drum sound generally. Vocals are gravelly but retain the growl as well as clarity of the top end, bending and twisting at the end of melody lines in ‘Radio Headphones’.

There are a couple of riffs here and there that are reminiscent of Velvet Revolver, but that’s more down to common influence, beyond that it fits in the genre wonderfully.

It’s angry grunge. Do you want angry grunge? Because this is how you get angry grunge. Drive along. Pretend you’re Jack on the way to see John at Hoffs-Drawler. Wind down the windows and angst it up. Then maybe go for a double-whip-macchiato-skinny. Go part money for it. Get them to make more. We need it.

Welcome to the Family EP by The Family is out now via Mob Management


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