INTRODUCING: The Gospel Youth

gospel youth promo

A band by the name of The Gospel Youth are making their Vans Warped Tour debut this summer, and we’re so stoked for them! Here at Drop This we’re no strangers to the boys in TGY; they’ve been filling our ears with their heartfelt melodies for the last few years, and we’ve fallen further and further in love with them every day. We feel now it’s time for the rest of you to realise what you’ve been missing out on..

Hailing from the South Coast of England, The Gospel Youth are a rock quartet with a kick of punk, a hint of pop, and bundle of potential. The boys have supported the likes of Mallory Knox, Deaf Havana, Hands Like Houses, and State Champs on tour in the past, gaining many admirers along the way, including music label, Rise Records. Last month they released their first single, ‘Moods Like English Weather’, from upcoming debut album Always Lose, and it is everything you need in life. It’s a tune jammed with bittersweet lyrics, unbelievable vocals from frontman Sam Little, some damn sick riffs from Jules Bowen and Kevin Deverick, and don’t get us started on Kurtis Maiden‘s drumming on the track… Are you not listening to it yet? Stop reading this, play the song, then come back and read a little more about your new favourite band.

Prior to signing for Rise Records, our boys in TGY released their fantastic debut EP Kids in 2014. The title track from that EP is as good as anything else in the pop-punk world, if not better, and it’s no surprise that it’s going to feature on their upcoming album. A year later the boys released their sophomore EP Empires, and trust us when we say it is an absolute belter. It’s packed with songs that will get you moving, get you singing, and get you to fall in love with the band. If we had to recommend one song from the EP to prove our point, listen to ‘Stay Positive’.

2016 saw the formation of #TeamTGY across social media platforms, as The Gospel Youth self-released, through fan-funding, a song every month on BandCamp. This saw TGY ask fans to choose from three tiers of subscription, and in return sending them unique and rare merchandise, granting fans guest list access to shows, and exclusive early access to their material (as well as bonus unreleased tracks.) It was during 2016 that The Gospel Youth really bonded with their fan-base, often consulting them on merchandise ideas, and always making a personal effort with every individual fan.

This Summer the boys are playing Vans Warped Tour in America, and this follows on from their Slam Dunk Festival debut in May! 2017 looks set to be a huge year for The Gospel Youth following the release of Always Lose on 14th July, and we highly recommend you keep an eye out for some tour dates when they land back in the UK; They put on a hell of a live show!

At Drop This we’re positive these boys are going to be a real hit with anyone who listens to their music, and they’re the nicest bunch of guys you could wish to meet. What are you waiting for? You’re going to need The Gospel Youth in your lives, you just don’t realise how much so just yet.


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