LIVE: Our 5 Fave Bands We Caught At Download Festival 2017

We managed to make our way to the legendary Download Festival for one of the biggest weekends in rock ‘n’ roll, and we had as much fun as we could while sleeping on dodgy airbeds and avoiding the port-a-loos! And, of course, we checked out a lot of bands, but these are the top five who stuck in our mind and we recommend seeing live if you get ever the chance!

Devin Townsend Project

Devin Townsend Project, a progressive rock act from Canada, perform with a jam packed set and Devin keeps us fully entertained with his humour- and witty t-shirts! Talking to the crowd about strength and unity through the incidents we have experienced in the UK recently, he brings everyone together by asking the crowd to embrace nearing the end of his set – and everyone follows this command. True unity!


Pirate-themed metal act Alestorm bring quite a crowd, and of course they’re dressed up in pirate costumes, including eye patches and blow up swords (obviously). The energy is unreal, and you can’t help but bop along to the catchy tunes! Even if you don’t know every song by Alestorm, you’re guaranteed to have a good time at their show. No doubt they’ll draw in an even larger crowd next time.

The Lounge Kittens

Now we definitely couldn’t leave the lovely Lounge Kittens, and they said it themselves, they needed a bigger tent! With combinations of pop-punk, System of a Down covers and ’90s gaming theme tunes, how can you not love them?! Having cycled to Download this year from London for numerous charities, we have nothing but respect for them.

Rob Zombie

You cannot deny the stage presence that Rob Zombie possesses, but I guess that comes with years of practise right? With incredible staging that leaves us mesmerised (even though it can be a little creepy at times!), and giving crowd members blow up aliens to reach the back of the audience, because why not?! They’re a classic that you can’t miss.


Now we really couldn’t make this list without the legendary Aerosmith could we?! And with rumours up in the air of this being their last UK performance, we soak in everything we can. We hear the classics ‘Dude, Looks Like A Lady’‘Love in An Elevator’, the emotional ‘I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing’ and ending the set on ‘Walk This Way’, we are spoilt with a two hour set of Steven Tyler still hitting those screeching notes we know and love. That’s the way to end Download Festival. 

We saw a great bunch of bands over the weekend, but we only had room for five on this list! A few notable mentions you should definitely take notice of include: Like A Storm; Dead!; Holding Absence; Greywind and The One Hundred

Thanks to davep666, Rainbowfire Music, Jon Shanks, Neil Martin, xHypah for the live videos!


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