REVIEW: Hollow – Home Is Not Where The Heart Is

hollow home not where heart is

Huge riffs, aggression and heavy, brutal, no-bullshit honesty are just a few of the themes running through Hollow’s debut album Home Is Not Where The Heart Is.

The metalcore band, hailing from St Louis, Missouri, are all about creating a community with their fanbase. Their mission statement is to be completely open and honest about their struggles through their music, and in turn, encourage their listeners to be more honest and help each other with the difficulties they face in life.

If you ask us, that’s a pretty great motivation to have as a band. And Hollow definitely aren’t lying when they say they aren’t sugar coating anything. Right from the get-go ‘Coward King’ is heavy and candid. Repeating the lyrics, and album title, “Home is not where the heart is”, the track is as catchy and forceful as they come. And the clean vocals in the track even make it a slightly more accessible tune for those metalcore newbies.

The album is chock-full of aggression, and disorienting riffs, but ‘Dis/connect’ in particular is pretty perplexing. The track’s intensity is not diminished by its weird, slow, off-tempo melody. Sonically it’s one of the most interesting tracks on the album. ‘Too Far Gone’ is another standout track on the album—and definitely a fascinating one. Bearing a resemblance to The Amity Affliction, the track uses poignant clean vocals, a warm, intricate melody, and passionate unclean screams. The atmospheric, soulful guitar work alone is enough to make it one of our favourites off the album!

Where ‘The Wicked’ maintains a dark, moody hostility throughout, ‘Delta F508′’s heavy, relentless aggression is broken up by its delicate, melodious interlude featuring smooth, melancholy vocals. Elsewhere, ‘Anomaly’ uses electronic flourishes and huge, unrelenting hooks to engage the listener.

The album is loud, brutal and authentic—a truly impressive debut album from Hollow.

Home Is Not Where The Heart Is by Hollow is out now via self-release.


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