Paramore’s Riot! Turns 10 This Month: Our Top Tracks!

It’s hard to think that it’s been a decade since Paramore‘s smash-hit album Riot! came to take the pop-punk scene by storm. A lot of us remember this album as a landmark of their childhood or teenage years, one of those formative records that shaped our views of rock for years to come. Even if your “emo phase” isn’t something you remember fondly, this album most likely is. The album’s ten-year anniversary was marked on June 12th this year, so here’s our top 5 tracks from the breakthrough record!

5: Crushcrushcrush

Some of the critics of Paramore’s latest songs such as ‘Hard Times‘ weren’t big on the more “poppy” synths, but this track’s ability to storm up the charts proves that the band’s fans really don’t mind a more cheerful sound. This catchy pop-punk smash was one of the most successful on the album, and establishes the mix of styles found in the album early on.

4: When It Rains

One of the more underrated tracks on the album, ‘When It Rains’ has a sound that’s a little calmer, but this gives way to some of the album’s most emotionally intense storytelling. The verses are beautifully written and feel like a natural buildup to a kickass chorus that still keeps the story going; placing the chanting of the first line alongside lines like “So why can’t you stay?” seems like a natural progression.

3: That’s What You Get

Here’s a song that deserves all the airtime and television plays it’s gotten over the past few years! It’s incredibly catchy and upbeat, with a bright sound and the spirit of youth to match.

2: Let The Flames Begin

This is another track that doesn’t get the credit it deserves. The chorus has a heavy crowd-pleasing sort of atmosphere that shows off singer Hayley Williams‘ vocal talents; her power as a performer is unmistakable after a listen to this. As well as this, the track is heavier in its instruments than many other tracks on the album, so fans of tracks such as ‘Ignorance’ will be at home with this style.

1: Misery Business

Yes, you all saw this coming. This track is what broke Riot! through to the charts and brought Paramore’s sound to the masses, and it’s not hard to see why. The instrumental style of ‘Misery Business, from the hard-hitting drums and roaring bass to the insanely catchy main guitar riff that you’re all humming to yourselves right now, is carefully built to be as anthemic as possible. But what’s arguably most important are the lyrics here; they speak to the teenage mind in a way that few songs do, partly because Williams herself was in her late teens when the song was written. It’s easy to see why the song is still beloved by the people who grew up on the 2000s pop-punk sound that Paramore became the frontrunners of thanks to this album.


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