PVRIS Are Back with a New Song and Here’s Why We’re Totally in Love With It!

American rock band PVRIS are back, and we have never been happier!

Lyndsey Gunnulfsen, Alex Babinski and Brian Macdonald are back with their new single ‘What’s Wrong’ from their brand new upcoming album All We Know Of Heaven, All We Need Of Hell, which is set to be released on 4th August.

The song begins and ends amazingly! At the start, it’s quite a slow opener with very few vocals; however, it doesn’t take long for those vocals to come in and, of course, they’re awesome. It’s a little different to what we’ve heard before from PVRIS and their 2014 debut album White Noise but, as we know, different is good, right?  The video is definitely worth a watch – pretty cool in our opinion.
Although they’ve got a lot to live up to because of the huge success of their previous album, they have definitely managed not to disappoint us with the new material! They’ve exceeded our own expectations, as we’re sure they have with many others, and we wonder if there is anything they can’t do?
As if we weren’t excited enough, PVRIS have an incredibly busy year coming up. What with their album release and the fact they have just announced some massive shows supporting the one and only blink-182. Will we ever stop loving PVRIS? Of course we won’t!


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