LIVE: Pryti / Awooga

Where: The Black Heart, London
When: 14/06/17
Rating: 3.5/5



Image: Pintrest

Openers Awooga are probably a great band. Unfortunately, you had to spend the whole set kind of hoping the sound quality would be better for the main act. For the first two tracks everything seems to merge into one sound. There are definitely vocals, you just can’t quite make out what they are singing.

The musical theme of the night is dark and dirty, and you’ve got to hand it to the three piece, they have a big sound. A marginally mellowed third track does see the instrument sounds more distinct, with the guitars hitting an obviously higher pitch than the bass for the most part.

It is clear why they were the support of choice tonight as certain guitar sounds echo those in Pryti‘s music. Awooga definitely set the right mood for tonight’s main attraction.



There are certain voices you hear on CD and think, ‘there’s no way they sound like that live’. Pryti has one of those voices. But she does sound that good live. Her vocal range is very impressive, and even more evident in a live show. During ‘Bitter Pill’ and ‘Purge’ the lower end of her talents are especially noticeable. This is helped by tonight’s interesting sound system that distorts anything below a certain pitch.

For a singer and guitar player, it can be hard to move around and put on a show (especially on a stage this small), so they do really have to rely on talent to carry the gig. This is something Pryti seems to achieve effortlessly. There are moments of still in the chorus of ‘Abyss’ where her powerhouse vocals really shine through. A similar effect is achieved during her personal favourite to play live, ‘Ghost’, with the haunting intro and echoing background vocal. The ups and downs throughout the song really keep an audience interested.

Between songs her quiet demeanour doesn’t seem to fit the hard rock she plays and writes. Its these moments when you can sense the nerves that come with playing your first live show. However, as the evening goes on, Pryti relaxes in to it and gets more and more comfortable on stage.

The sound system does let the whole show down tonight, but every artist worth their salt starts in dingy bar backrooms before moving on to bigger and better things. For a debut show, it’s a brilliant night, but we certainly can’t wait to see Pryti hit some of Camden’s bigger venues.

Words – Jenna Young (@jen_bug94)


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