Songs About Unity, Love & Acceptance That We Totally Adore

It’s been pretty tough to stay positive lately, hasn’t it? Whether it’s a political battleground, social media meltdowns or the constant bad news that seems to be flowing into our society recently, things have been a little rough. But, as always, music is there to show us the bright side, and we’ve picked just a few tracks that make us think of unity, love and acceptance – something we could all do with being reminded of right now!

Don’t Look Back In Anger- Oasis

This absolute classic just had to be on the list, especially in light of the recent Manchester attacks and what the Oasis classic has meant to the city at this time. It’s perfect, as it explores the meaning of making a mistake (which we’re pretty sure everyone has!) and to not dwell on the past (don’t look back!), to accept what happened and move right on.

Imagine – John Lennon

This song is the ultimate anthem for showing people the idea of unity. It paints a picture of what the world could be like without  war, religion, government or hate, and how united and peaceful the world could actually be some day!

One Day like This – Elbow

This huge Elbow track explores the feeling of falling in love for the first time and how having someone special in your life can really help you through the tough times. It gives us a message of support, and how choosing love instead of hate can really turn the world around.

Far Away – Nickelback

This song explores love lasting forever, convincing us that love will always be there, no matter the situation. You can’t just stop loving someone who you’ve spent so much time and put so much effort into, right? The track speaks to us right now, given all the awful things that keep trying to knock society down, and reminds us how they can’t win if we just keep on loving!

Welcome To The Black Parade – My Chemical Romance

This tune is perfect as it shows all three aspects of our list! The main message, however, of My Chemical Romance‘s anthem is that, no matter what happens, you can’t give up! It gives us hope that we can carry on and put what has happened behind us – accept it and learn from your mistakes!


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