REVIEW: White Noise Radio – Cosmos

cosmos ep

White Noise Radio are from Bristol and are not trip-hop. Hopefully that opening declaration will save some people time. A friend worked in an Art Gallery there for a while and joked that 70% of the time was spent telling people that they don’t know who Banksy is and the other 20% telling people she didn’t know Beth or Adrian. The remaining 10% was spent racking her brains trying to remember the third member of Portishead. They’re a bit like Neil, Buzz and the other one in that sense. But we digress.

The Cosmos EP kicks off with ‘Siren’, a very strong opener. You unwittingly find yourself in an undulating lurch as you follow the bassline and you look like you’re remembering sitting in the 6th form common room, rocking like you really need a wazz but cannot be harrised to rise.

Strong vocals and tight harmonies applied in force, there’s some work gone into this EP. There’s maybe the odd questionable note, but that’s down to melodic choices than any error. Bright, flowing drums, aggressively panned spot-microphones, the whole band are tight as a gnat’s.

More of the same throughout the rest of Cosmos. ‘Gone Inside’ has synchronised guitar/bass and kick drum work leading into pre-verse that creates memories of early Tool (is there late Tool? We’re still waiting…) with early 2000s shouted melody hither and thither. The long, drawn out finish is strong, and one assumes is a crowd-pleaser at gigs. Then ‘Dawning’ and ‘Wires’ push through to finish off the collection. As a whole they appear heavily influenced and styled on Karnivool’s more recent efforts, which is no bad thing. It’s a good twenty minutes of awesome to the point where we dug out White Noise Radio’s previous EP, which is also worth checking out.

There’s an awful lot of potential here and it would be a shame if Bristol got to keep it all. Go give them a like and buy their stuff. It’s that sort of long distance belief that gives area bands a kick up the proverbial to push out further.

Cosmos by White Noise Records is released on 1st July 2017 via self-release. 


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