REVIEW: Bad Sign – Live & Learn

bad sign album

Three-piece rock band Bad Sign are finally releasing their long-awaited debut album Live & Learn next month. Since their last release way back in 2014 with EP Destroy, they’ve packed their schedules full of touring, sharing stages with the likes While She SleepsFeed The Rhino and Heck! With plenty of stage experience under their belts and their reputation for insane riffs, we’re excited to hear their full-length debut.

The album kicks off with ‘Liars & Lovers’ – at just short of three minutes long, it brings all the energy to launch you into their sound. It begins with a killer riff before hard-hitting drums join in. We also hear raw vocals from Joe Appleford. It’s a catchy number to open up with. ‘Covenant’ is up next, as definitely one of the heaviest tracks on this album, filled with high energy and fast paced beats. Nearing the end of the song we hear raw spoken screams, showing an impressive vocal range, before entering a killer guitar solo. The musicality of the band is proven through the dynamics throughout the album, as we hear the band use instrumentals to create tension before exploding into guitar riffs and powerful vocals.

‘October’ takes a different approach, with its slow pace and soft vocals. It’s full of  heartfelt lyrics, with a repetitive chorus guaranteed to stick in your head. The song gently builds up to a powerful chorus where the drums and guitars are more intense, and the vocals have built up to gritty words.

As we near the end of the album, the intensity is still strong. ‘Certitude’ is a definite stand-out on the album, with an ear-worm of a chorus and plenty of creative guitar riffs.

Bad Sign have really proved what they are capable of in this album release, and it’s even more impressive being their debut. Live & Learn is full of interesting sounds, intense guitar riffs, gutsy drums and coarse vocals. We have no doubt that they can translate their sound to live performances with the experience they have gained. We are very excited to hear what they can do next!

Live & Learn by Bad Sign is released on 14th July 2017 via Basick Records.


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