REVIEW: Bellevue Days – Rosehill

bellevue days album

Bellevue Days are back with their new EP Rosehill, and we’re impressed with what the Croydon-based four-piece have produced. Each song focuses on a significant event in their lives, and reflects on how those times have led them to where they are today.

Kicking off the EP is ‘Black Sheep Baby’, a haunting track which is beautifully crafted in terms of the atmosphere that is created throughout it. It seems to tell the dark story of a night that takes a turn for a worse, and it’s a journey filled with intensity and emotion. Next up is ‘Jack and I’, and it continues in the vein of storytelling, this time about a point in life where you’re looking back on youth, and looking ahead to adult-life; A point of limbo if you wish. It’s a track that focuses on the coping mechanisms from that situation.

‘Secret Love’ is the standout track on the EP, with its beautifully gentle vibe contrasting its polar opposite lyrics. It’s a song about unrequited love, and as the brilliant music video shows, it focuses on particularly on the love music fans have for their favourite bands, and the lines that love can cross. ‘Faith’ is the heaviest track on Rosehill, and is another showcase of the excellent song crafting within this band.

Rosehill‘s closer is ‘Dead Summer’, and is a fine end to the EP. Its vocals are both impressive and haunting in equal measure, its guitar playing is on point, and its lyrics are beautifully bittersweet. It encapsulates what Bellevue Days’ Rosehill is all about.

Overall, Rosehill is an EP that showcases Bellevue Days’ wonderful songwriting and storytelling ability. By no means are they the finished article, but this EP is brimming with promise and Bellevue Days are definitely worth keeping an eye on for the future.


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