Who Would Make Our Dream Hyde Park British Summertime Day..?

British Summertime, set in London’s beautiful Hyde Park, has become a massive part of the UK festival season. It holds several individual “day” festivals, with each day consisting of a massive headliner- this year has seen the likes of Green Day, Kings of Leon and The Killers- and a bunch of brilliant supporting bands, usually based upon the fanbase of that day’s headliner.

BST delivers huge festival performances and tailor-made days for fans, which has seen it become so incredibly popular. And, of course, that got us thinking: who would we bring together to create our own dream BST at Hyde Park..?


London trio Doe would be an absolute banger opening the show! They’re spunky and gutsy, sure, but they’re also super fun and such an easy band to find yourself falling in love with. We can absolutely imagine their music trickling through the park as we stroll into the wonderland of BST.



A must-see of British underground alternative music right now is Dead!, a lo-fi grunge-punk band who have been making waves beneath the surface for a while now. The exposure of something like Hyde Park’s BST would be amazing, we’d really love to see them drawing in the crowds they deserve.


Milk Teeth

Milk Teeth are fantastic, and their modern brand of indie-grunge slots brilliantly into the festival season. They’re already hitting up Slam Dunk Festival and 2000 Trees this year, but we think it’d be great to see them rocking out on a gigantic stage like this- they’re a band who are just getting bigger and bigger, so it’s only a matter of time really!



Without a shadow of a doubt, Creeper are an absolute shining light in new British rock music and, really, our festival wouldn’t be complete without them. They always put on a show full of gothic theatrics and raw punk energy, and we’d be on board with them bringing a touch of darkness to sunny Hyde Park.


Set It Off

After seeing Set It Off light up Slam Dunk Festival earlier this year, they’re possibly one of the most upbeat pop-punk bands out there. The first overseas band of our line-up, but worth their weight in gold when it comes to feel-good music, Set It Off would be the perfect addition to get people well and truly pumped!


Against The Current

Following on with the upbeat theme, we’ve got pop rock trio Against The Current. Their bubbly tunes and cheerful onstage presence would be the ultimate boost for anyone who felt themselves slipping in this later part of the day, and we think Chrissy Costanza could easily have Hyde Park eating from the palm of her hand!



We couldn’t think of a better headliner for this massive alt music fest than the pop-punk power trio blink-182. They’ve got a mile-long back-catalogue of huge hits that could happily please a festival crowd, not to mention hilarious onstage banter and a real upbeat pop-punk feel which would top off this outdoor day perfectly.

So there you have it! Our ideal BST at Hyde Park day- well, one of them, anyway!


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