REVIEW: Sleeptalk – Sleeptalk


We’ve been lucky enough to listen to Sleeptalk‘s debut self-titled album, and we think it’s a belter. The Californian electro-pop quintet have a definite The 1975-vibe to them, with a pinch of Angels and Airwaves, and it’s a wonderful blend. The outcome is a 12-track bundle of joy that we cannot get enough of.

The opener on the album is title track ‘Sleeptalk’, and it’s predominantly instrumental, with some haunting vocals towards the end. This is a track that would seamlessly slot into The 1975’s I Like It When You Sleep, for You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware of It album.

Next up is ‘Indio, California’, and it’s a seriously infectious little number; you’ve been warned. A song about youth and falling in love, it’s perfect for blaring out with the windows rolled down on a beautiful day. It’s the stand-out track from the album, and a definite indication of the talent this band possess. ‘Midnight/3,2,1’ is up next, and sees a turn to a more haunting style of song, but not for long as ‘Young’ and ‘Bright Eyes’ pick up exactly where ‘Indio, California’ left off.

‘Bones’ is a track that displays a softer side to Sleeptalk’s songwriting, but equally as impressive as it’s predecessors. ‘Strange Nights’ and ‘February’ are further evidence of what Sleeptalk are capable of. They’re catchy, infectious, bursting with melody and a sweet, summer vibe that is befitting of band far ‘bigger’ in terms of reputation and back-catalogue. ‘Love’, and the album’s closer ‘Drift Away’, once again show the diversity and versatility in Sleeptalk’s style by taking things down a notch with an emotive, slower style.

We really can’t recommend checking out Sleeptalk’s self-titled debut album enough. It’s the perfect soundtrack to relax to, it’s the perfect soundtrack for your summer, and it’s the perfect soundtrack to your youth. Check these boys out. Now.

Sleeptalk by Sleeptalk is released on July 28th via Artery Recordings.


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