REVIEW: Best Ex – Ice Cream Anti Social

Three-piece Best Ex, recently signed to Alcopop! Records, are ready to release their brand new EP Ice Cream Anti Social. Originally Candy Hearts, the band have developed their sound to a poppier, more light-hearted sound, but kept those punk roots in there.

Kicking off with ‘Girlfriend’, we’re met with strong synth beats and soft vocals. Being the EP’s first single, it’s an extremely charming song. It’s a similar vibe when listening to ‘Lonely Life’, which is full of truthful lyrics that we’re sure you can relate to one way or another, whether it’s your cat being your best friend or having a cracked phone you can’t afford to fix – but as long as you’re doing the best you can, it’s alright. It’s a good message throughout the song, and the fun beat makes it an irresistible listen.

‘February 4th’ takes a more guitar based approach, with a much slower, ballad-like pace. The end harmonies are beautifully put together, especially when combined with the heartfelt lyrics. ‘See You Again’ keeps a guitar-based take on the song with a strong drum beat behind it. The storytelling throughout is impressive; this track has one of the catchiest chorus’ on this release, and we love it!

‘Someday’ is the most recent single to be released from the EP, and it’s the perfect anthem for anyone getting through the stresses and frustrations of life, with it’s mix of synths and polished harmonies. The EP finishes with ‘Jellyfish’ which features Mariel singing over a ukulele. It’s a short, sweet, intimate and emotional song with a metaphorical story that, when it comes down to it, is all about life, really.

Best Ex have developed into a well-polished and genuine group with the release this defined EP. Their upbeat, honest sound is impossible to resist and you’re bound to love it as much as we do!

Ice Cream Anti Social by Best Ex is released on 14th July 2017 via Alcopop! Records. 


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