REVIEW: Audible Joes – Irrational Anthems

audible joes

Irish punk band Audible Joes are about to release their sophomore full-length album Irrational Anthems. The album title and artwork itself have a strong message. Featuring people in gas masks holding signs that read, “we can’t resist” and “but the wage makes it okay”, we can immediately tell that this isn’t going to be a catchy, riff-heavy nothingness record but depicting a “world gone mad”.

In typical punk fashion, the album is energetic and aggressive but has a sense of modern, light pop-ness to it. Filled with punchy riffs and pulsating, lively drumming, the album is the perfect record to put on loud and mosh to—with friends, or alone. Your call.

‘Born Again Cynic’ is one of the highlights of the album. Its infectious, spirited melody is paired with passionate vocals and one of the liveliest, interesting riffs on the album. Elsewhere, ‘Speaker Submission’ dominates with its fast-paced, vivacious refrains and loud, heavy screams.

‘Majority Rule’ features a drum-heavy, steady melody with bright, melodious riffs and layered gang vocals. ‘Nyktophobia’ impresses with an aggressive, youthful exuberance, and a euphonious instrumental piece. Elsewhere, ‘Guillotine’ disorients with its intense, chaotic rhythm and heavy, inaudible vocals.

Though Irrational Anthems contains a frantic, disorderly vibe throughout, it has its surprising moments—like tuneful, acoustic closing track ‘Until I Die’. Audible Joes have created an energetic, exciting, take-no-shit punk album and we think it’s pretty great.

Irrational Anthems by Audible Joes is out 14th July via self-release.


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