REVIEW: The Gospel Youth – Always Lose

gospel youth album

Did you hear that noise? It must have been the sound of our boys in The Gospel Youth dropping one of our favourite albums of the year so far! We’ve been playing the south-coast pop-punk outfit’s debut album Always Lose on loop and we don’t think that’s gonna change any time soon.

First up on the album is ‘I Will Deliver You To The Fireflies’, a song that showcases Sam Little‘s incredible ability to pour emotion and meaning into lyrics and, boy, does it have vocals to match! Fans of The Gospel Youth who followed their 2016 Bandcamp campaign where the boys released a single a month will recognise ‘Wildfire’. Re-recorded with a far crisper sound, it has a Disney-esque vibe to it (and that’s one of the reasons we still can’t get enough!).

‘Tired Eyes and Heavy Hearts’ is one of our favourites for a host of reasons. From its drum-beat intro, to its relatable, meaningful words, and its anthem-like chorus. This song is bursting with energy at all the right points with a feel-good vibe. The track is about succeeding after hardships, as the line, “You learn to fly when all you do is fall” shows. ‘Your Love Was A Cancer’ is packed with sweet guitar riffs, as well as TGY’s trademark echoing chorus. ‘Revolutions’ brings things down a notch with a slow piano-led ballad, and we’re beyond impressed with the song-writing on this album generally, but never more so than this beauty.

Up next is Always Lose‘s lead single ‘Moods Like English Weathers’, and our favourite sad boys from the south coast really crafted a gem with this one. The guitar is unreal on this track from Jules Bowen, Kev Deverick, and latest member James Dixon, the drumming from Kurtis Maiden is incredible, and the vocals from Sam Little are, of course, unquestionable. It’s 3:45 of energy, enthusiasm, and straight-up pop-punk. Old-school fans will once again recognise the track ‘Kids’ from TGY’s debut EP. Since then the band’s line-up has changed to a bigger sound and this re-recorded version reflects that, with a slightly heavier take on one of their finest early releases.

‘Spirit Of Boston’ is about holding things together when life gets rough. Its chorus is, once again, big, deserving of being belted out loudly, and would work really well as a live track. ‘Bloodlines// Love Stopped Me Coming Home’ is the closer, and is worthy of the prestigious slot. It’s everything TGY are; bittersweet, full of energy, beautiful.

As far as debut album’s go, Always Lose is fantastic. The production, the effort, and the absolute belters mean this album sounds like a band much further into their careers. Rise Records made a smart move signing these boys, and we’re sure they’re going to do very well for themselves.

Always Lose by The Gospel Youth is out now via Rise Records.



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