5 Awesome Pop-Punk Albums of 2017 That You Might’ve Missed

This year has been a blinder for new music – and it’s only just halfway through! We’re sure 2017 still has plenty of goodies left in store for us, but there are a few stand-out releases so far that should have the pop-punk fan within you jumping for joy. Here are five of our favourite pop-punk albums that you might’ve missed this year!

1. Ghouls – Run

Brixton-based quintet Ghouls are absolutely making a name for themselves and, with releases like this year’s Run, it’s not surprising. Crunching guitar and heaps of distortion satisfy our grungey punk-rock cravings, but pleasant, light-hearted moments, such as snippets of sax, also tickle our pop-punk fancy. It’s a great release that could be easily overlooked – make sure you don’t make that mistake!


2. Patent Pending – Other People’s Greatest Hits

Injecting a jolt of fun back into the genre is Patent Pending, who have used their album release this year as the perfect chance to have a laugh at themselves, as well as putting a smile on our face too. Their album, Other People’s Greatest Hits, is pretty much what it says on the tin; some of your favourite pop and rock numbers reinvented to become your new favourite pop-punk gems!


3. The Maine – Lovely Little Lonely

Charming, charismatic and cooooool as a cucumber, The Maine have bottled up everything we love about them and channeled it into their latest album, Lovely Little Lonely. Haven’t heard it yet? Then you’re missing out on some smooth-as-hell pop-punk as well as a few of their usual “cheeky-chappy” tunes thrown in there too. It’s a truly lovable album that you should absolutely check out.


4. Creeper – Eternity, In Your Arms

Yes, straight-up pop-punk is fun. But dig a little deeper and you’ll unearth the complexities of what modern punk bands are capable of; as such, you’ll find it all in the debut album from Creeper. Eternity, In Your Arms combines the catchy energy of pop-punk with theatrics, melancholy and intricacy to create something altogether more vibrant and interesting for the genre.


5. Counterfeit. – Together We Are Stronger

Counterfeit. are gritty, garish and going in for the kill with their album, Together We Are Stronger. With the release of their debut earlier this year, the punk rock bunch showed us that there is definitely still a darker side lurking within pop-punk. Sure, they still keep us hanging on with hooks and bounces, but don’t let that fool you – happy-go-lucky is not what these guys stand for!


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