Fall Out Boy Reveal ‘Champion’ Video – Here Are 3 Questions We Have About the New Album…


Is It All Going to Sound Like ‘Young and Menace’?

This is a personal opinion so don’t get your knickers in a twist, but ‘Young and Menace’ wasn’t exactly what we were hoping to hear when Fall Out Boy said they were releasing new material. Don’t get us wrong, we love seeing a band grow (no-one really wants to be listening to the same albums as 2005, do they?) but FOB really took it to, ahem, a new level. But we’re just keeping our fingers crossed that the lead single was just one example of the many, many ideas in Mania. By the sounds of ‘Champion’, it thankfully looks as though the answer to this question will be no!

Is This One Going to be a Concept Album?

While the last few albums weren’t exactly promoted as concept albums, the music videos for singles taken from Save Rock and Roll were strung together to create musical film with narrative, continuity and theme. We definitely spotted a few links between the releases from American Beauty/American Psycho as well! So, I guess we’re just wondering if the boys are finally going to go full-pelt and go for a whole concept album with the new one? We kinda hope so!

Will We Ever Hear Pete Wentz Sing Again?

C’mon guys! We used to love hearing Wentz yelling angsty back-up lines to Patrick’s smooth-ass vocal runs back in the day – surely we can bring that back with Mania?! Imagine the likes of ‘Young and Menace’ being followed by some snappy Pete Wentz screams. Now that really would be an eclectic album!

Mania is set for release on 15th September, but you can pre-order now.


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