REVIEW: Whitehorse – Panther In The Dollhouse

Whitehorse Panther_In_The_Dollhouse

Rock and roll folk duo from Toronto, Whitehorse, are back with new album Panther In The Dollhouse. Having dipped their toes in many different genres, their new release has taken a slightly different approach…

The album kicks off with ‘Epitaph in Tongues’, with both male and female soft vocals harmonising perfectly. The production is impressive; guitar riffs, strong drums, mesmerising synth melodies. ‘Boys Like You’ is more upbeat, with its funky beat. The verses are owned by vocalist Luke Doucet, whose gentle tone works with vocalist Melissa McClelland’s chant-like section.

‘Die Alone’ is a devastating ballad about love and weariness, while ‘Trophy Wife’ is quite a contrast; a very sexy song, with its slinky guitar riffs and the repetitive rhythm in the chorus. Taking their music in another direction in ‘Pink Komono’ with its retro feel. You can’t deny the catchiness of this song, and the tambourines certainly jazz it up.

‘Gracie’ takes the tone down a little, with a vulnerability in the lyrics, speaking of sniffles behind bathroom doors but not knowing why. ‘Nighthawks’ is, again, retro, with its psychedelic track. It’s sexual subject matter makes for a very powerful song.

From Panther In The Dollhouse, Whitehorse are very experimental with their sound – which is a great thing! Their retro vibe and folk jaunts mean this duo could go far. The album discusses sensitive subjects throughout: consent; self respect and freedom – and they should be spoken about. Whitehorse deliver diversity, and we can’t wait to see what they create next!

Panther In The Dollhouse by Whitehorse is out 4th August via Six Shooter Records.


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