REVIEW: Counterfeit Culture – Deathwish EP

counterfeit culture eo

Bloody hellfire… Counterfeit Culture’s Deathwish EP is a bit of alright, isn’t it!

‘Apothecary’ is an eye-melting assault in its initial stage before hitting on Slipknot-eqsue rising vocal dynamic shout into soft flowing guitars, into aggression, into driven anger and a healthy dose of chug. The guitar sound is oddly bluesy but not out of place, and the technical skill of all the string players is striking. The drums are a little dead sonically, with the overheads pushed quite far back but that doesn’t detract from the percussionist’s ability to bracket the boxy snare to the wall like he was some sort of telekinetic railgun. Honestly, this will take several listens before it really sinks in as to how much effort has gone into this track, but it is a brutal work of art.

‘Second Soul’ relies on a softer start but nicely blends into some solid four to the floor kick word leading into a solo riff halfway through. These guys have cited Erra as an influence but I’d say it’s more general than that – there’s Contortionist, TesseracT, Periphery (one of which mixed these tracks) and others, making me wonder whether Counterfeit Culture are comfortable with the label of ‘Djent’? Post-progressive-post-post-rock-metal-math-grind-shout? Whatever, labels are for underwear.

The final track of the Deathwish EP, X’, has a much slower pulse to it, betrayed by the rapid drum fills and chug into an upbeat chorus riser with some nice backing harmonies added. I’m nodding along quite pleasantly and almost wish the poppier sections where longer. It ends with a lovely reverse reverb in place with slow compression to drag it forward.

Good effort; we look forward to more.

Deathwish by Counterfeit Culture is released on 1st August 2017 via High Road Publicity


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