REVIEW: Hypochristmutreefuzz – Hypopotomonstrosesquipedaiophobia


Sit down. Make sure the chair is stable. Place yourself equidistant between both speakers. Lock the door. Lock the door. Lock the door. Wailing feedback at one volume into a violently loud by comparison drum hit and gently slowing LFO synths lull and twist your mind before launching into a bass riff with, who is that they’ve dug up? Syd Barrett? Marc Bolan? Ah, who cares who it is! Belgium just exploded! Everywhere! There’s bits of black, yellow and red all over the airwaves and it’s a glorious jazzy mess of groove-driven 5/4. ‘Finger’ is a beautiful confusion.

Some lurching rap appears next in the form of ‘Gums Smile Blood’ which makes a good use of drum machine samples to start the track in a forward motion. “I don’t wanna get up anymore” – this track would not be out of place in the soundtrack of Luke Cage’s gritty Harlem.

Hypochondria is another rap offering which begins a la Velvet Underground-inspired glass smashing before ‘Music of Spheres’ marches on like a warm and recently culled Cheshire Cat being dragged through the wabe and ‘Clammy Hands’ builds itself up with each bar and becomes the sort of song you’re a little unnerved to be listening to alone in case they reach out and drag you into their world just a little too much. The sort of thing you imagine horror clowns listening to when they’re unwinding in their caravan in the woods.

The much more palatable start to ‘One Trick Pony’ is reminiscient of Balthazaar, but even this is a bait and switch for one of the loudest assaults on the whole album. It’s not that the music is unpredictable, but more that it makes promises and then forgets what it said.

Fan-favourite ‘Spitter’ closes the album which is a much more poppy affair akin to dEUS with hints of 90s ‘Hobo Humpin Slobo Babe’-esque Whale.

What is it in the water in Belgian that creates such grand musicians? Tom Barman, Rudy Trové, Stef Kamil Carlens, Soul Wax and now Hypopotomonstrosesquipedaiophobia shows us just why Ramses Van den Eede will be added to that list.

Hypopotomonstrosesquipedaiophobia by Hypochristmutreefuzz is released on 11th August 2017 by XXXXXXXXXXX


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