3 of The Prettiest Vinyl Presses You Can Get Your Hands On Right Now!

They always say that when it comes to hard copies of albums, like vinyl, the judgement should always be “about the music, man”. For the most part it’s true; judging acts on an assumed “look” can be very misleading, and is often unfair to smaller releases who don’t have the budget. But that doesn’t mean we’re not allowed a little indulgence to stare at the shiny, pretty things and dream of the music inside them, surely? So in honour of all the brilliant new releases we’ve seen over this festival season and beyond, here are our picks for the prettiest vinyl presses out now!

Arcade Fire – Everything Now


Image: themusicvault.com

Arcade Fire‘s latest record seems to have come out of nowhere; the first I saw of it was a shiny advert at the train station that matched the gorgeous vinyl cover. It’s eye-catching to say the least, with the neon drawing you in like a sort of indie-rock beacon. But if we had to pick between the “day” and “night” versions that are available of this, the beautiful stars of the night version would probably win out.



Naomi Punk – Yellow

naomi punk lp

Image: fiveriserecords.co.uk

For the aptly named Naomi Punk, this is really a cover that reflects the music that can be found inside. The elegant calligraphy that practically screams the title is a brilliant match for the lofty ambition of the 25-track record, as well as the hard rocking direction the band have aimed for in the past.




Creeper – Eternity, In Your Arms

creeper lp

Image: emp.co.uk

The vinyl release for Creeper‘s hotly anticipated album perfectly encompasses the mood of the album itself. The purple-and-green neon that can be found in several of the group’s videos is both easily identifiable and absolutely beautiful, and the gothic atmosphere is very fitting. It’s a standout press that’s likely to fly off the shelves on release!


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