REVIEW: Bad Solution – The War Within

bad solution album

When reviewing, it can sometimes be a struggle to get the ball rolling. However, London metallers Bad Solution and their debut album The War Within have definitely got that covered this time round.

Album opener ‘Drowning‘ not only punches you straight in the face from the get-go, but it is also gives us an idea from the start of whether this album will continue to punch you in the face – we can promise you now that it does, in fact, continue to do so.

Bad Solution have managed to capture everything great about ’00s metal, from the nu-metal-esque lyrical melodies and balls-out heavy choruses. ‘Echoes Of The Cry‘ is a track we could feel coming up and, when it does, it hits us in the most perfect place. It’s like their own version of Five Finger Death Punch‘s ‘The Bleeding‘; however, they capture a much more melodic and emotional standing. It’s an amazing way to break up the album – not to mention the brutal last 20 seconds!

With the track ‘Desert Rock‘, we believe we can hear a sitar in there and, again, it sounds incredible and is another way to split the album almost into three parts. It really brings a new feel towards the end of the album.

Although Bad Solution haven’t done anything particularly ground-breaking, taking plenty of influence from bands who have already been in the limelight, they have glued together old and new, which makes The War Within not only a very enjoyable album, but also a small breath of fresh air from the current metalcore scene. The musicianship is amazing and you can hear the amount of hard work that has gone into this album, and these guys should be incredibly proud of what they have produced.

The War Within by Bad Solution is out now via self-release. 


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