Five Rockstars We’d Love to See on Strictly Come Dancing!

It’s now the season where Strictly Come Dancing comes back in to the world, the pro’s start rehearsals and we find out which celebs will be competing this year. Sometimes we don’t know who these “celebs” are, but that’s okay – if they last, we’ll get to know their personalities a little bit. But wouldn’t it be nice if, one year, it was all musicians competing? Here’s a list of the top five names we’d like to see competing in a season of Strictly Come Dancing – because we’d love to see talented singers show off their moves too, right?

Janine Shilstone

Vukovi vocalist Janine has proven that she’s got some moves in her live performances. She’s full of spunk and energy on stage and is known to have a little boogie in their spirited sets. With a little technical training who says she couldn’t go far? This show needs someone with a huge personality and Janine sure has that.


Adam Carroll

Adam Carroll is the lead vocalist from London based four-piece Zoax. We think he could be the personality of the show, especially giving his all in the themed weeks such as Halloween or Movie week. Showcasing some moves in their live performances and pure musicality, his charisma would shine through.


Patty Walters

As It Is vocalist Patty would be the energetic athlete of the group. Being known to throw himself around on stage, high jumps and leaps through every song, there’s no doubt that these skills would come in handy. Having already used to a little stamina, it wouldn’t be too much of a challenge in the rehearsal studio for this guy!


Chrissy Costanza

Against The Current vocalist Chrissy could not be left from this list, having already got her signature move down that she brings out at every show. Displaying her flexibility in her live performances, this is a skill that will flourish on a dance show. Being the youngest in the list would also be in her favour, and with her lovable personality the public would sure to adore her.


Brendon Urie

Now we couldn’t really make this list without Panic! At The Disco’s frontman Brendon Urie could we? Being trained in musical theatre, he would have this in the bag! He can strut in heels, do flips in the air – seriously, what can he not do? With stamina not an issue, and his musical ability to learn multiple instruments, this is sure to be something else he would excel in.


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