LIVE: Against The Current / Sainte

When: 24/0818
Where: Borderline, London
Rating: 4/5


Sainte, the new project born from members of We Are The In Crowd, the most prominent of whom being front-woman Tay Jardine, open the stage tonight. Most people here don’t actually look old enough to remember the glory days of WATIC (seriously kids, check out ‘The Best Thing That Never Happened’, it’s a banger) so we won’t dwell too much on the past. Sainte remains a notorious pop rock bubble of positivity which practically beams from Tay Jardine herself. It’s definitely a grrrl power kinda night, and we love to see a great alternative line-up given the feminine touch – as Tay herself says, it’s not often in this industry she gets to share a stage with her sister as well as her brothers, and we feel that strong, supportive ripple of love running right through their joyful, ‘Technicolor’ set.



Against The Current

Thanks to Sainte, we’re suitably smiley by the time Against The Current grace the stage, and the good vibes keep going. The room of full of life, packed with young fans excitable perhaps for their first concert, or maybe celebrating exam results, or making the most of their summer holidays. The youthful zest of the crowd is pursued and propelled by the band, making for an upbeat night.

Despite the tight squeeze of this cosy venue, Against The Current perform from start to finish like they are fronting an arena show; possibly gearing up for their huge appearances at Reading & Leeds Festival this coming weekend. There might only be a couple hundred of us packed in here tonight, but Against The Current could be performing the biggest show of their life and we reckon they’d be on just as much of a cloud nine as they seem right now.

Of course, the bouncy pop rock tunes belted out by the band also help crank up the fun factor, with numbers like ‘Paralyzed’, ‘Running With the Wild Things’ and ‘Outsiders’ setting the crowd alight. However, even more heartfelt, emotive moments, which we hear in ‘Roses’ and ‘Brighter’, are tinted with a ray of light, a bright side, hope. Against The Current are in a great place right now, and you can feel the optimism oozing out of them. It’s infectious.

Bouncing off the walls with unfathomable energy right until the final notes of encore song ‘Gravity’, Against The Current have certainly given fans an experience that has plenty of bang for its buck. It’s a night full of fun, from a band who don’t hold back. They spend the entire evening connecting with fans, talking them up, supporting them and spreading positivity until each and every one of us feels it. We don’t imagine a single person will walk away tonight without feeling just a little better than when they walked in, and a band can’t really ask for more than that.

atc facebook

Image: Official Facebook


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