LIVE: Dead! / Airways / Deary Me / Violet Daze

Where: The Booking Hall, Dover
When: 17/08/17
Rating: 3.5/5


Violet Daze

Describing themselves as a mix of fuzz and ambience, Kent alternative rock band Violet Daze are first up tonight. They’ve recently released their second EP, but only a few people in the room it’s a hard job to get the crowd going, however the potential is there for sure, especially when they finish their set with a punk rock instrumental.


Deary Me

Even though they’re missing a member tonight, Deary Me still make it work. Vocalist Kate Wintie is proven a whizz on the pedals, bringing harmonies that really add depth to the set. Her vocals are strong, the songs are very catchy and, having mentioned there’s a new single on the horizon, they’re definitely ones to keep an eye on in the future.



Airways come onto the stage with complete confidence and professionalism – we can tell they’re used to this! With quite a retro and very rhythmic feel to their sound, they are mesmerising to watch as their set continues. They have definitely gained some new fans tonight as people rush to the merch stand to purchase their most recent EP release as soon as their set is over. Continue to support bands and gain more of an audience, and we’ve no doubt they have a great future.



It’s finally time for Dead! to come to the stage. Having played a few festivals, including Download Festival a couple of times, they’re no stranger to the larger stage but it’s nice to see the band take a tour around some smaller venues.

With great tunes such as ‘Something More Original’, ‘Alaska’ and their most recent release ‘Up For Ran$om’, their setlist goes down pretty well. They also perform a cover of the classic song ‘My Generation’ by The Who which has the crowd singing along.

Their energy is full-on tonight, and it’s safe to say that they don’t hold back, even on a small stage like this where space is tight. Guitarist Sam Matlock even takes it up a notch, somehow managing to stand on the bass drum and jump off a couple of times. Even though the gig isn’t a huge turnout, a band travelling to such a far corner of the UK is going to be appreciated.

Honestly, these guys are a great live band and we’re sure travelling the country and putting on shows like this is only going to get them even more fans, which can only lead to bigger and better opportunities for them!


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