Is Taylor Swift-ly Losing the Respect of Music Fans?

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last week it’s been impossible to miss the return of Taylor Swift. ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ has broken all sorts of records since it dropped, and we’re sure it will continue to do so. While the song has certainly split opinions here at Drop This, it’s unquestionably going to prove another huge hit for Taylor.

However what ultimately should have been a fantastic week for Taylor Swift and her team has been tarred following her announcement of the way her concert tickets will be sold.

If you haven’t heard, Taylor has teamed up with Ticketmaster to sell tickets for her upcoming live shows, and fans have to subscribe to receive a code in order to purchase tickets (an attempt to limit ticket scammers effectiveness). So far, so good, right? But, in the eyes of many, it all becomes a little questionable from this point onwards…

taylor video look what

Image: YouTube

Taylor Swift has announced that her fans can earn points which will move them up the queue in line to purchase tickets, with earning a spot in the priority section being the aim. Those who fall short of this mark will have to settle for a spot on the waiting list, where there is no guarantee of even managing to get your hands on a ticket. Taylor’s fans can earn these points by promoting her forthcoming album Reputation on social media, but the real point-scoring comes at a far greater cost.

Swift and her team will reward fans who purchase her official merchandise with points which will count towards their standing, as well as giving points to fans who purchase her new album a maximum of 13 times a day. Thirteen copies of her album per day will earn you a great deal of points, and it’s inevitable some super-fans will do just that.

taylor look what you made me do

Image: YouTube

Music fans around the world feel that Taylor is alienating the everyday fan who can’t afford to compete in this Hunger Games-esque Battle Royale for tickets. Undoubtedly the tickets themselves won’t be cheap, but many feel that boosting her album sales and income by forcing fans to compete against each other with no guarantees of success, is the total opposite of what a role model like herself should be doing.

While Taylor Swift is no stranger to controversy, we think it’ll be very interesting to see how her fanbase react to the news and inevitable disappointments. Does Taylor care what the rest of the world thinks about her? The vibe from her new material would imply not.


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