REVIEW: Echoic – Shadows of You


Reading-based trio Echoic are hitting us with their second EP Shadows Of You, following their 2015 EP release TestifyThe record showcases electronic layers of sound while still sticking to their rock roots.

The EP starts with ‘Blame’, a track that displays Connor Turner’s vocals brilliantly as we hear quite a range, particularly in the chorus. The electronic tempo within this song builds stronger and stronger throughout, which gets us hooked on the first track! ‘Ghost’ takes a slightly slower pace, but still demands attention, with the combination of soft synths and distortion guitar.

Next up is ‘We Burn Just Like This’, where we get to hear more of a rocky side in the chorus; however, it’s still combined with smooth, controlled vocals, and we hear a small synth instrumental nearing the end. ‘Next To You’ is the single off of this release, with a music video to match. The lyrics are extremely relatable, describing a scenario where you become attached to someone, but feel unsure of their intentions. The harmonies towards the end of the song also fit together very well. It’d fit right in playing on rock channels, with its alternative and indie tones.

The EP finishes a bonus track ‘Messed Up Smiles’, with its strong synth start. Being the most up-tempo of all songs on the EP, it’s extremely catchy and we can see it as a hit with live performances. It’s also one of the only songs to include a guitar solo, and they’re always good to hear!

Echoic have proven with this release that they have a place in the music industry. They have a unique sound that people will be able to relate to, and these guys show that they are definitely ones to watch.

Shadows Of You by ECHOIC is out 8th September via Self-Release. 


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