REVIEW: Shaded – The Better Man In Me

shaded ep

Sadly, summer is over and that means we’re back to rainy days and hot chocolates. But hey, just because the sun has disappeared doesn’t mean the summer tunes have. And this new EP The Better Man In Me from Surrey-made quartet Shaded is just what we’re talking about.

First track ‘Better With You’ kicks off the EP with a vibrant, buzzy melody and smooth, emotive vocals. The track has such a cool, clever composition. For the most part, the track has a very relaxed, State Champs-esque feeling, but it introduces moments of punchy pop-punk riffs. ‘Bitter Cold’ has a different vibe altogether. This is when the emo kicks in—we can’t have a pop-punk EP without some songs about relationship issues and self-depreciation. The expressive track features a delicate melody, magnetic riffs and feathery light vocals—not to mention some killer Bop bop woah’s.

‘Deal My Hand’ is a spirited pop-punk banger. And fast-paced ‘Tendencies (The Times I Caved)’ features a huge, catchy chorus and passionate riffs. The song’s guest vocalist Miles Kent brings some major A Day To Remember vibes to the tuneful pop-punk track.

Elsewhere, ‘Too Far Distant’ proves that this quartet aren’t just boys of the summer, but more than capable of producing an emotional, delicate ballad.

Okay, so we know you could throw a rock and hit a pop punk band, and yes, we do know most of them sound the same. But give Shaded a chance, because this EP is good. The band has a very early State Champs vibe, but they are all about adding cool, unusual elements to their pop-punk tunes—like their songs not being consistent in melody. We think that’s pretty cool. And we think this EP is pretty great, so check it out.

The Better Man In Me by Shaded is out now via self-release.


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