REVIEW: Stand Atlantic – Sidewinder

stand atlantic ep

All the way from Australia, alt-rock trio Stand Atlantic are about to release their new EP Sidewinder. Having just come off tour in their home country with pop-punk band New Found Glory, no doubt they gained some new fans in the process – and this banger of an EP certainly proves their worth to the industry.

Starting with the title track ‘Sidewinder’, we’re met with vocals and guitar by Bonnie Fraser before we dive into a hard-hitting chorus. This is where we hear the great range in the vocals which kick off the EP – it’s a great opening track that could qualify as the single from this release. ‘Mess I Made’ is classic pop-punk, with great power chords that mean you just can’t go wrong. The lyrics expressed within the chorus are relatable to most people out there; everyone’s got some insecurities and made a little mess, right?

‘Push’ delivers diversity, with a soft, gentle start, a slightly slower chorus and very powerful vocals – this is one you’ll be singing from the top of your lungs in the car for sure! We are treated with a little guitar solo as the song draws to a close, and we love that!

Single ‘Coffee At Midnight’ is by far the heaviest track on this release, with the perfect combination of gut-wrenching, screaming vocals and ferocious drumming.

We finish the EP with ‘Chemicals’, which displays more experimentation with melodies. The musicality throughout the band beam from this track, as it goes from a fast-paced, catchy chorus to gentle guitar chords and soft vocals.

We can tell that Stand Atlantic have worked hard with their progression to release this EP, and we think it has worked for them. It may be short and sweet, but it delivers strong, catchy and fun tracks that you want to listen to again and again. The band are heading to UK and European shores very soon, so make sure you keep an eye out as Stand Atlantic are definitely worth a watch!

Sidewinder by Stand Atlantic is out 15th September via Rude Records. 


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