REVIEW: Pretty Little Enemy – Second Load

pretty little enemy second load

Since their formation in early 2015, Somerset-based rockers Pretty Little Enemy have been tearing their way through the country and picking up fans every step of the way. With a hard-rocking style and charisma to spare, their latest EP Second Load was an undeniably tough act to follow. Have they succeeded in consolidating their fantastic sound?

First of the four tracks on the EP is ‘Get A Grip‘, kicking off with powerful distorted guitars and pounding drums. While a little too heavy for some, this hard-hitting track brings so much raw energy to the table. The voice breaking through the instrumental is the riot grrl power of lead singer Louise Body, whose charismatic delivery on both louder and softer lines is enough to hook any listener. The lyrics are nothing to take for granted either; the sarcastic delivery of the line, “I swear I’m alright,” truly brings it to life.

‘Collide’ is next up, expanding from the band’s metal influences to the sort of sound utilised by many a stadium rock group. There’s enough force and fury in both the vocals and in the instrumentals, particularly with guitarist Georgia Bell, to keep any classic rock fan happy. But for me, the true standout track of the EP is the following ‘Play By The Rules’, which showcases the guitarists’ talents further with incessantly catchy hooks that are thoroughly enjoyable and memorable. The vocals are in a brilliant balance with the instrumentals here, more so than anywhere else on the EP; there’s plenty of real “fire lines” that shut down the cruel subject of the song – “I know, I know the game you play,” is a personal favourite.

As shown by the powerful sound and standout chorus of ‘It’s All Just A Show’, this is an album with some real energy and soul behind it. The band are about to embark on a country-wide tour for their ever-growing fanbase…and we think that after a listen to this, there’s a good chance you’ll be one of them!

Second Load by Pretty Little Enemy is out now via self-release.


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