REVIEW: Arcane Roots – Melancholia Hymns

melancholia hymns arcane roots

Surrey-based rock trio Arcane Roots are back with their stunning second release, Melancholia Hyms. It may have taken them nearly four years to create this album but that just means it’s going to be worth the wait, right?

The album opens with ‘Before Me’, where we are immediately met with beautifully soft and calming synths. This gentle pace plays out through the song, as relaxed vocals are laid over the top – it’s powerful. ‘Matter’ brings the pace up a notch, and uses compelling guitar chords combined with raw screams and experimental electronics to create a finished product that is well put-together and emphasises their musicality.

The tracks within this album flow elegantly, we can barely tell where one song finishes and the next one starts! ‘Off The Floor’ is one of the shortest, punchiest tracks at just over four minutes – that’s right, these tunes are quite lengthy masterpieces. It’s one of the rockiest from the album, with crystal clear vocals against the guitar compared to the tamer songs. It’s bound to get everyone going live.

Next up is ‘Curtains’, the album’s lead single, starting off with soft, abstracted vocals before building to a huge drop and a louder volume. Power chords and gritty screams convey the emotion within the song. ‘Solemn’ starts off with well-structured guitar and tension, delivering a different tone and making it a stand out.

‘Arp’ is the perfect song to sum up the sound of this album. Its’ soft essence transforms into a heavier electronic vibe without you even noticing – it’s just seamlessly enjoyable. ‘Everything (All At Once)’ steps back to the band’s alternative roots. It’s always good to have a reminder within a release just how far a band has progressed, and this is certainly that reminder. Merged with stunning harmonies but still the chaotic musicality, it’s gracefully controlled.

The album comes to an end with ‘Half The World’,  a heartfelt, emotional track. This stunning chorus will ring in your eardrums for days, leaving us with a relatable and positive message: “Darling, we’re the same, so keep your hands upon the wheel.

Melancholia Hymns is a stunning album that really takes us on a listening experience as the songs flow beautifully into one another. Presenting their diverse and developed sound, Arcane Roots are demanding your attention and you should definitely take notice.

Melancholia Hymns by Arcane Roots is out now via Easy Life / Red Essential.





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