Live – The Gospel Youth/Milestones

Where: Camden Assembly
When: 19th September 2017
Rating: 5/5

Drop This managed catch The Gospel Youth in Camden on Tuesday night, and boy, do we feel lucky? The South Coast five-piece put on one hell of a set, brimming with all of the emo pop-punk feels you could imagine.

Up first, from Manchester, are emo-punk quintet Milestones. With a Jimmy Eat World-esque vibe to them, the boys put on a solid set featuring tracks off of their debut EP Equal Measures. Their performance is well received by the Camden crowd, although it’s clear who everyone is waiting for.

Now we have arrived at the main event, our favourite sad boys, The Gospel Youth. It’s worth noting that Camden Assembly is jam-packed with people, most wearing TGY merch, and there’s a real sense of anticipation in the air as the lights go out. Before we know it, we’re thrust into a flawless performance of both ‘I Will Deliver You To The Fireflies’, the opener of their debut album Always Lose, and ‘Gin and Black Coffee’. Both make for a great way to warm up the crowd with their high-energy and anthemic choruses.

Early fans of the band are treated to ‘Lighting Fires’, before a flawless ‘Wildfire’ in which the whole of Camden Assembly sings “I am anxious, I am scared, I am anything but well-prepared..”, in unison, from the bottoms of their hearts. It’s got the makings of a special night, and everybody knows it. The boys play ‘Tired Eyes and Heavy Hearts’ next, before taking things up a notch with the epic ‘Stay Positive’; Not a body in the room isn’t moving!

It wouldn’t be a Gospel Youth gig without emotion, and ‘The Hospital Blues You Gave To Me’ has more than its fair share of that. It’s a song about the passing of Sam Little‘s sister, and he pours every ounce of himself into that song. The crowd are understanding of the heart being worn on Sam’s sleeve, and roar the words right back at him.

What happens next is a flurry of jumping, crowd surfing, and fists in the air, as TGY play ‘Bloodlines’, and kick into their latest single ‘Kids’. An old track of theirs revamped for the album, it’s a favourite of fans old and new alike. Sam warns that there’s one song left, and everyone knows what’s coming.

The intro to ‘Moods Like English Weather’ starts, and the whole crowd shifts and surges forwards. Those lucky enough to be at the gig give everything they have left, and then some. As the song finishes the crowd are euphoric. It feels like a defining moment for the boys, and the smiles on their faces suggest they all know it.

Next up? World domination. Seriously though, there’s no shortage of talent in this band and they have the potential to go far. We know for sure we won’t be missing any future tours. #TeamTGY


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