Winter is Coming – and These are the Album Releases You Need to Look Out for When it Does!

We’re familiar with autumn as the start of the television season, but the number of new releases coming our way might set a trend for this time being a prime album season too. Between now and December there are some phenomenal album releases from artists old and new from all around the music scene. Here’s our timeline of the best upcoming winter warmers for you to keep a lookout for!

Album: The Spark
Artist: Enter Shikari
Release date: 22nd September
Why you should be listening: The radio play that lead single ‘Live Outside‘ has been enjoying recently indicates that the band’s loyal fans were thoroughly looking forward to this release. The Spark marks the band’s incredible ten year career with a bang, and has hit shop shelves already to find considerable success.


Album: Wonderful Wonderful
Artist: The Killers
Release date: 22nd September
Why you should be listening:Run For Cover‘ seems to have reached the UK shores a little late, but we couldn’t be happier that it’s here and getting the airplay it deserves. It’s a track that brings the band in a new direction and gives a taste of what’s to come with the album; the impression left by it may well have you down town to buy the record before long.


Album: Visions Of A Life
Artist: Wolf Alice
Release date: 29th September
Why you should be listening: After surprising fans with the drop of the hard-hitting grunge-style single ‘Yuk Foo‘, the London alt-rockers have given us plenty of tracks to build up momentum for the album’s release. The track listing includes the other well-received singles ‘Don’t Delete The Kisses‘ and ‘Beautifully Unconventional‘.


Album: As You Were
Artist: Liam Gallagher
Release date: 6th October
Why you should be listening: Both those familiar with the ex-Oasis member and those new to his unique songwriting style will have plenty to look forward to with this one. One of several comeback records making an appearance this winter, it stands out from the crowd as proven by the acclaim received by the lead single ‘Wall of Glass‘.


Album: Pacific Daydream
Artist: Weezer
Release date: 27th October
Why you should be listening: This is the eleventh studio album by the icons of grunge. ELEVENTH! With a history that impressive, it’s hard not to be intrigued as to what their next step is and what Pacific Daydream will contain. All we have to go on is the impression left by their last release The White Album, which was a mix of throwbacks to the band’s original sound and a love letter to their greatest influences.


Album: Synthesis
Artist: Evanescence
Release date: 10th November
Why you should be listening: This album is presumably named due to the use of electronica and synthesisers in the arrangements and updates of their legacy of music. Presenting an opportunity for the group to reinvent their sound with orchestral covers as well as new material, this album will surely be an interesting one, and could mark a new trajectory for the group.


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