REVIEW: Seaway – Vacation

seaway album

Seaway is one of the best pop-punk bands out there at the moment. The Canadian quintet is extremely skilled in making catchy tunes with huge hooks and passionate, angsty lyrics.

And Seaway have really nailed the summer vacation spirit with their upbeat, jaunty new record Vacation. The album is an energetic, pop-punk dream chock-full of 90s nostalgia, spirited, infectious melodies and classic emo hopelessness—the band’s speciality.

‘Curse Me Out’ is a punchy love song featuring conventional pop-punk lyrics (“Curse me out / you’re so pretty when you put me down”) and moody, tuneful riffs. The album is filled with absolute bangers, but ‘Curse Me Out’ is one of the most memorable. ‘Something Wonderful’ is a spirited firecracker of a tune filled with 90s pop culture references—we know how much pop-punk bands love pop culture references.

‘Day Player’ impresses with its catchy chorus and bright, bubbly riffs. This one is a real vacation song. Elsewhere, the punchy, 90s-esque ‘Scatter My Ashes Along The Coast Or Don’t’ features a relaxed, vibrant melody and guest vocals from a deflated Caleb Shomo.

’40 Over’ is a delicate ballad with an edgy, passionate chorus, and ‘London’ is a little love song for our fair city. ‘Lula On The Beach’ is a moody, steady-paced rock tune propelled by pulsating drums and an “ooh ooh ooh” sing-along chorus. ‘Misery In You’ is another angsty banger with pop-punk sing-alongs.

We knew Seaway were good—they always have been—but we are truly blown away with this release. Congrats, Seaway, you have just produced one of the best albums of 2017.

Vacation by Seaway is out now via Pure Noise Records.


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