REVIEW: Tigercub – Evolve Or Die

evolve or die tigercub

Brighton-based trio Tigercub are releasing brand new EP Evolve Or Die following last year’s debut album. Since this release, they’ve played many UK festivals including Reading + Leads and 2000 Trees, to name a few. This latest EP was set to be named Evolve Or Die before even setting foot in the studio, no matter what it sounded like – but have they succeeded?

Kicking off the EP is ‘Divided States Of Us’; a powerful electronic beat combined with intense guitar riffs make a great base layer for the vocals, which are mesmerising. It’s a strong opening for the EP, with intricate musicality that has obviously been very well thought-out and would be amazing live. We carry on with ‘Into The Ashes’, analysing static noise sorrow; it’s an extremely soothing song and, with Jamie Hall’s captivating vocals throughout, it’s one that can truly take you somewhere else.

‘It’s Only Love’ starts off with a very calm sound. The gentle vocals in the chorus display the range of tone, beautifully layered with harmonies. ‘Faking Laughter’ picks the pace up a little, as it starts with short stabbing guitar chords to set the beat, with spoken lyrics over the top. It’s an enjoyable listen, with an interesting, almost hypnotising, melody in the vocals.

Tigercub have definitely made a statement with Evolve Or Die, showing a different approach to progressive rock. With their burst of 2017 shows, we have no doubt that they’ll be offered more and more spots on lineups in the upcoming year.

Evolve Or Die by Tigercub is out 29 September via Alcopop! Records. 


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