REVIEW: Citizen – As You Please

citizen album.jpg

Citizen are about to drop their latest album As You Please, and Drop This were lucky enough to get a chance to review the album! It really is quite brilliant.

Following on from 2015’s Everybody Is Going To Heaven, Citizen have drifted slightly from their hardcore style on this record, and we think it sounds epic. The album kicks off with ‘Jet’, its irresistible guitar there from the offset, with a darkness and fragility to its sound; The vocals are anything but fragile from Matt Kerekes.

The album’s title track is haunting, raw, and impressive. Its echoing sound feels reflective of the thoughts in Kerekes’ head. ‘Medicine’ is medicinal in its sound, with its infectious chorus, beautiful drumming and guitar playing. The record gets off to a great start with its first few tracks, and that standard doesn’t drop.

Tracks like ‘Ugly Luck’ and ‘World’ showcase the song-writing abilities of the band, where the thoughts, dilemmas, and dark times of the band are clear for all to see. ‘Fever Days’ is a song that is bursting at the seams with energy, and sees a slight shift in sound compared to its predecessors. ‘Discrete Routine’ shows a contrasting softer side to Citizen, although it has the trademark Citizen aura about it. The same can be said for ‘I Forgive No One’ at times, but it’s sporadic heavier moments ensure that by no means is this a slow ballad. The penultimate track on the album is ‘You Are A Star’, and it’s a really smooth track. The vocals are flawless, as we have come to expect, and gentle. ‘Flowerchild’ is As You Please‘s closer, and it is worthy of the honour. There is once again a distinct change in sound on this track compared to its predecessors, with an acoustic track playing a pivotal role in a track for the first time on the album. The acoustic guitar is soon accompanied by gravelly, raw vocals, and a general heavier style.

Those who are familiar with Citizen will be impressed with the continual step-up from the band, while those new to them are sure to be impressed by the talent the band possesses in abundance. As You Please is an extremely well-written, energetic, and emotive album which is reflecting of their 7 years of being a band.

As You Please by Citizen is released on 6th October via Run For Cover Records.


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