5 Reasons Why We Can’t Wait For Moose Blood’s UK Tour

moose blood

Image: Promo

Moose Blood have announced a UK tour for 2018, and we’re counting down the days already. Here’s a few reasons why…


5) Let’s get moving!

If you haven’t been fortunate enough to see Moose Blood live before, you won’t be aware of how much fun the crowd will have! Rarely will there be anyone present who isn’t throwing themselves around to their infectious sounds and empowering anthems.

4) They’re gonna hit you right in the feels.

Moose Blood are the kings of sad, and we mean that as the biggest compliment. For every upbeat, catchy chorus they’ve penned is a song created to break your heart. We love an emotional rollercoaster at Drop This!

3) The merch

If you don’t still buy band merchandise, what’s wrong with you? Represent your favourite bands proudly in public, or represent them in bed. Either way make sure you check out the Moose Blood merch stall because they usually have some incredible designs. Just make sure you don’t spend so long browsing the merchandise that you miss their set; No merch is worth that.

2) Blush

2016’s Blush album was as near to perfection as we’ve come across, and we can’t wait to hear some of those songs live again! ‘Honey’ and ‘Knuckles’ were the standout releases from our Canterbury rockers, but tracks like ‘Sway’ are absolute gems too. Phone torches in the air, guys..

1) New material

It feels like a lifetime since we heard new Moose Blood tracks but that’s quite possibly because we’re really impatient. We can’t wait to hear what they’re like, and see how they come across live.

Tickets are sure to sell really well if previous tours are anything to go by, so don’t hang around. Go. Buy them. We’ll see you in the moshpit.


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