REVIEW: Julia Louise – Love Jail

julia louise love jail

Between the latest single from St Vincent and Wolf-Alice’s new album, the ladies of rock are absolutely killing it right now, and one prime example from the underground scene is Julia Louise. The feisty singer-songwriter’s latest musical endeavour Love Jail is a masterclass in not letting the world get you down, showcasing her quirky style in the process.

The folksy debut song ‘Mother’s Milk’ may seem like a slow start, but it’s certainly not a track to miss out on, with its beautiful yet subdued vocals and thought-provoking lyrics that introduce the singer’s troubles. There’s a certain haunting quality to the final line of “there’s no fun being an outcast” that’s pretty difficult not to be intrigued by.

However, the album really kicks off with the following track ‘Wait On You’; this deceptively happy-sounding track masterfully tells a story, complete with some real fire lines delivered by Louise. It also introduces one of the album’s key themes; fake friends suck, and you never really know they’re fake until it’s too late. The mix of emotional hurt and empowerment found in this song, and across the whole album, brilliantly captures this and makes it an amazing record to listen to when people like this are getting you down.

Single ‘Brat’ brings this concept right into the foreground. With its upbeat tempo and crunching guitars, it’s a thoroughly enjoyable track about a very not-enjoyable situation of being love rival to a “friend”. It’s also an excellent look at Louise’s style; while this track is more rooted in rock, there are influences from all around in this album, making it impossible to pigeonhole.

Unconstrained by limits, Louise is free to write in a way that primarily expresses her emotions and packs a solid punch.

Love Jail by Julia Louise is available 13th October via No Sleep Records


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