Chrissy Costanza Calls Out Body-Shaming Trolls to Promote Healthy Body Image on Twitter – But Should Women in Alternative Music HAVE to be Role Models?

Chrissy Costanza, lead vocalist from Against The Current, has a pretty huge following on both Twitter and Instagram, with every post she makes getting on average 50,000 likes. And, what with the band she fronts touring the world and travelling constantly, it’s hardly any wonder Costanza and her bandmates are gaining more publicity.

To paraphrase, with this publicity comes a hell of a lot of influential power, and it automatically puts them on a pedestal. One example of this comes from her recent Twitter thread where she slammed trolls who made hurtful comments about her appearance and took the opportunity to promote positive body image.

The tweets read: “People commenting on my Instagram telling me I’m getting fat is why girls think they have to eat a bowl of air and 3 almonds for lunch. I have spent a lot of my life hating on my body and I refuse to do it anymore. All that’s important to me is just being mostly healthy. This used to be having a “fat day” in my mind and that’s just fucked up. I was NOT healthy and could not see reality. And for fucks sake be nice to people. A little kindness goes a long way. And so does a little silence if you have nothing kind to say.” 

It’s fair to say that most women at some point in their life, perhaps through our insecure teenage years or after a bad relationship leaves us feeling vulnerable, are influenced by the media when it comes to body image. Even those we admire in glossy magazines and on social media feel the pressure! With the world being glued to the internet, airbrushed images and misinformation is so easy to get our hands on, and of course add to that the internet trolls who are just ready and waiting to bring down anyone they can get their hands on – yeah, they just suck.

boo you whore gif


In the music industry, we’re lucky to have powerful female role models who can shut down these awful people – but should they have to? Surely they have a right, like the rest of us, to post what they want to without having to feel like negativity is going to come back at them – not to mention feeling like they have to defend themselves and speak up to lead the way for their young, impressionable fans.

Chrissy had an enormous amount of people reply back to her sharing the love after this latest Twitter thread, but unfortunately there are always going to be those few who make inappropriate comments without really knowing anything about the personal life of the individual they target. Surely there is a line?!

With the amount of women in the alternative music industry slowly growing (yay!), younger generations are going to be looking up at these women as role models, naturally. This might not be something our favourite rock chicks necessarily signed up for, but being in the spotlight means it’s bound to happen. However, whether they adopt that role like a shield of armour or hide away from it in their right to privacy is really all down to them.

Being body positive and loving our lumps and bumps is something we desperately need to see in the world. It’s important to be fit and healthy, but knowing the difference between healthy and skinny is absolutely crucial, and there’s nothing wrong with highlighting that to those who look up to you.

Luckily these alt-women are badass and it doesn’t look like they’re letting the trolls shake what they know in their own mind is good for them. To quote Chrissy, “For fucks sake be nice to people.” So there!

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