Our Spooky Halloween Playlist!

It’s our favourite time of year, when wearing black every day is totally acceptable and watching creepy movies is practically compulsory. That’s right, it’s Halloween!

Get in the mood for a spookily good Halloween with our All Hallow’s Eve playlist, the perfect way to get ready for the scariest night of the year! Happy Halloween!

This Is Halloween – Panic! At The Disco

Starting off with a classic, this funky Brendon Urie version of our fave Halloween soundtrack is great to kick off your party (but let’s not pretend we don’t listen to this all year round, right?!)

Thriller – Michael Jackson

Is any Halloween celebration complete without this tune?! Not only is it a banger, it’s now an absolute staple of the holiday – and the video is like a horror movie in itself!

Tainted Love – Marilyn Manson

Give your parents a fright when you turn the poppy, synth-filled ’80s original they know and love into this creepy-ass cover from the only guy who looks like he’s dressed for Halloween all year round! Honestly, this’ll scare the crap outta them…

Feed My Frankenstein – Alice Cooper

From summer holiday anthem ‘School’s Out‘ to this champion horror tune, Alice Cooper has got you covered for every season!

Black Rain – Creeper

With a spooky spoken intro and a video that could rival the Blair Witch Project, Creeper created perhaps their most haunting song yet with ‘Black Rain‘ – it’s all in the band name really!

Time Warp РThe Rocky Horror Picture Show 

If you ever need costume inspo, this video – and entire movie, really! – has got enough to keep you going for many Halloween nights to come!

All Hallows Evil – FVK

Fearless Vampire Killers, or FVK, spent most of their time dressing up and creating music about death, ghosts, villains and just about anything else you could possibly need for Halloween, but they really pushed the boat out with this All Hallows Eve themed tune. We miss their scary goth-punk ways, but we’ll still be pulling this one out at least once a year for many autumns to come!

The Addams Family Theme – The Addams Family

If any TV family makes our ultimate Halloween goals, it’s this one! The original Halloween bunch, from the relatable Wednesday to the glam Morticia, we couldn’t help but pay homage to the kings and queens of Halloween, The Addams Family!


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