Review: Deaf Havana – All These Countless Nights Reworked

deaf havana album

Alt-rockers Deaf Havana have been busy! Releasing their fourth album All These Countless Nights back in January, touring festival season and making their Glastonbury debut… But they haven’t stopped there! Now we’ve got All These Countless Nights Reworked, which says what it is on the tin – their previous album, with a completely new vibe to it!

Opening track ‘Ashes, Ashes’ is brought to life with soft vocals and melodies with the help of The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, making it already a stand-out on the album, and proves Deaf Havana practically burst with creativity.  ‘L.O.V.E’  is stripped back entirely and kept simple with just a gorgeous acoustic guitar for the first minute or so.

‘Fever’ has most certainly been adapted, going from pure bass in the original to sweet, poetic piano in the reworked version. It’s a different atmosphere; the vocals are so striking and the lyrics somehow seem more innocent. ‘Pretty Low’ becomes even more heartfelt with this new transparent, exposed music.

‘England’ kicks the tempo up a notch with an upbeat guitar strum, keeping the energy high despite losing the original drums. ‘St Pauls’ is another that keeps the first version’s tempo, with intricate guitar melodies giving it quite a funky background vibe.

‘Sing’ has definitely had some work done to it, and we are met with well-executed harmonies and a positive beat. We end the album with ‘Pensacola 2013’, and is the heaviest reworked track on this release – we’ve got some electric guitar and drums in here! It keeps a similar vibe to the original, but includes subtle changes which make it seem like an entirely different song.

Deaf Havana have really outdone themselves with All These Countless Nights Reworked. It perfectly demonstrates how creative these guys are. Fans should be impressed with this album, and with the band heading out on tour in the next few weeks hearing a couple of these reworked songs live would be a treat. We’d definitely recommend getting your hands on this deluxe release!

All These Countless Nights Reworked by Deaf Havana is out 27th October via So Recordings


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