REVIEW: Lonely The Brave – Things Will Matter (Redux)

lonely the brave redux

Lonely The Brave have kept themselves tucked away the last few months revisiting their 2016 release Things Will Matter, and now they’re ready to release their reworked and extended version. Lonely The Brave have always strived to be different from other bands out there, and recreating their music with a totally different genre and vibe to it is definitely one of the ways to do that in the release of Things Will Matter (Redux).

Starting off with title track ‘Things Will Matter’, we’re met with gentle guitar melodies and the soft vocals of David Jakes echoing in the studio. It’s a compassionate, vulnerable start to the album. We swiftly move onto ‘Black Mire (Redux)’, the original album’s lead single, which combines strong drums and atmospheric bass. The vocals are distorted in production, adding further to the track’s distant atmosphere .

‘Rattlesnake’ blends smooth piano and soft rhythms, and such a limited amount of instruments emphasises the vocals, making the lyrics seem even more powerful. ‘Dust & Bones’ picks up the pace; guitars play more of a part with this track. This number is more just fleshing out the skeleton of the original version, adding depth with the inclusion of violins.

Nearing the end of the album, ‘Tank Wave’ contains a mixture of layers which can draw an audience in instantly with the powerful ambiance. The soft, continuous synth throughout really keeps you mesmerised, and it builds to the climax of the song which ends as a stand-out tune – you won’t be able to stop listening to this one! The album finishes with ‘Jaws Of Hell’, again harmonising the melody behind vulnerable lyrics with softer instruments. The unusual guitar in the background also makes this a unique delight on the album.

It’s clear that Lonely The Brave have put a lot of effort into this version of their most recent album. We think fans would love to hear the recreations of these songs – not to mention a bonus track in there too! Things Will Matter (Redux) really expose the vulnerability of this band, and prove what a talented bunch they are.

Things Will Matter (Redux) by Lonely The Brave is out November 10 via Hassle Records.


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