Review: Movements – Feel Something

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Post-hardcore/emo crew Movements have just released their debut full-length Feel Something. The quartet, who signed with Fearless Records after just one show, has already released an EP, Outgrown Things, and made a name for themselves with fans and other bands in the scene. And with their punchy emo lyrics, and intense, expressive melodies, it isn’t hard to see why Movements are the ones to watch.

Feel Something kicks off with the moody ‘Full Circle’. Featuring a smooth, mid-tempo melody, subtle, flowing riffs, and soothing vocals, the track can be admired for its simple beauty. The passionate spoken word from vocalist Patrick Miranda is a nice touch to the tune and gives the track that 90s emo feel. Similarly, ‘Third Degree’ has a similar fluid, smooth melody. Two tracks in and we can already see that Movements are masters of compelling grooves, intricate melodies and subtle, ambient hooks that leave you wanting more.

Elsewhere ‘Colorblind’ is a gentle ballad about failure in relationships, featuring alluring riffs and passionate vocals. And ‘Daylily’ is a touching, melodic reminder that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

It’s not all elaborate melodies and impressive instrumental work, though. Simple, acoustic track ‘Fever Dream’, though equipped with subtle atmospheric flourishes, is all about Patrick Miranda’s soft, gentle vocals.

With their hypnotic, emo melodies (see ‘Submerge’) and deep, eloquent lyrics (‘Deadly Dull’, ‘Under The Gun’), Movements are doing it right. Every band has that album that puts them on everybody’s radar, and usually, that happens after a few releases and a good number of years, but we really think this is the record for Movements. We see something incredibly special here, and we’re just feeling all the feels, man.

Feel Something by Movements is out now via Fearless Records


One response to “Review: Movements – Feel Something

  1. I couldn’t agree more. I think that this album with put Movements on the map. Their sound is so different from others in the scene, and you can feel the emotion in every track, which is very effective for the band.


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