6 Perfect Nightmare Before Christmas Presents For The Emo In Your Life!

There is nothing emos, goths and alt-enthusiasts love more than The Nightmare Before Christmas. The wonderful family-friendly flick, featuring our number one guy Jack Skellington, is a gothic dream. (It definitely fits into our dark, emo aesthetic!)

And no matter your age, you will always be in awe at any form of Nightmare Before Christmas merch/presents. So since it’s almost Christmas, and we are all Jack/Sally lovers out here, we thought we’d make a list of Nightmare-themed gifts that you can buy for your loved ones.

jack mug

Image: popinabox.co.uk

1. Jack Skellington mug – A Jack Skellington-shaped mug is the best stocking filler! Us Brits drink A LOT of tea. And life is hard, and we’re all pretty much exhausted, so we also drink a lot of coffee. This will definitely be the most used gift.


AND There’s also a Sally one!! This is the ultimate couple’s gift. Yes, we are actually very low maintenance!


jack and sally leggins

Image: emp.co.uk

2. Sally/Jack leggings – These adorable half-Jack half-Sally leggings are the cutest! So if you know someone who is down to look like they just rolled out of Hot Topic, pick these bad boys up because they are amazing!








jack gown

Image: grindstore.co

3. Jack Skellington robe – There’s nothing better than being comfy in emo style. (P.s. If you’re not in your pyjamas/robe within the hour of getting home from work, you’re not living your life right.)





nightmare nails

Image: etsy.com

4. Nightmare nails – If your friend, daughter or girlfriend struggle to grow their nails (and believe me, all females do at some point), why not just buy them some? These hand-painted fake nails are the literal cutest! And the best part is, if you don’t want them on anymore, just pull them off with zero damage. Say goodbye to bulky, painful acrylics!



5. Nightmare prints – Now that we’re older, we are definitely able to appreciate art more. And portraits of Jack and Sally are exactly what we call high culture! I mean, who wouldn’t want these masterpieces on their wall? Ahh we’re so emo. We love it!




jack and sally print

Image: etsy.com

nightmare cardigan

Image: emp.co.uk


6. Cardigan – The perfect gift for the emo who pretends to be normal. You can wear this cardigan around “normies” – normal people who aren’t emo/alt – and even at work! Your loved ones can pretend to be functional adults while sporting this emo dream garment.


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