Music Is Cancelled

The music scene has been recently rocked by allegations of sexual misconduct, sexual harassment, and the blatant abuse of power from our favourite artists. Every time I use a social networking site, it seems another allegation has been made, another band has released a statement, or another band has parted ways with one of its members.

First and foremost, there are no words that can reflect the respect held for the victims who have come forward and been brave enough to speak out. To the fans of those bands who are shaming the victims, shame on you. No amount of Top 10 singles, no amount of sell-out tours, and no amount of arrogance, can make such behaviour acceptable. Wrong is wrong. Simple as that.

Brand New‘s Jesse Lacey has accepted the allegations made towards him, has released a statement, and as a result Brand New’s tour of the UK has been “postponed”. With Confidence have parted ways with guitarist Luke Rockets following allegations of sexual misconduct, and in turn have pulled out of the remaining dates they had lined up supporting Knuckle Puck. Last year Moose Blood drummer Glenn Harvey was removed from the band following accusations of sexual harassment. These are idols and heroes to impressionable music fans across the world, and they should behave in a manner far more befitting of that privileged status

All of the artists mentioned beforehand have had these claims substantiated or have responded to the situation following internal investigations. Some allegations have not reached that stage yet, and it’s important to remember that a person is innocent until proven guilty. While Drop This are not willing to contribute to what is purely speculation at the moment, anyone who has been active on social media in the last week will surely have noticed allegations made towards a huge name on the UK rock scene. The band have ensured everyone that such allegations are taken seriously and will be investigated, but at this point in time, he has not been proven guilty. Some of the hateful messages sent to both the accused and the accuser have been monstrous. It is not our place to intervene just yet.  Let the truth come out, and we’ll act accordingly from there.

Hearing of adored and respected musicians mistreating and abusing their fans is what 2018 will be known for at this rate, and is breaking all of our hearts. Let’s just remember that not all of the bands we pour our heart and soul into are going to do this. There are countless kind, humble and respectful bands out there, and I’d love to hear some positive stories you guys have got from meeting your favourite artists! Personally, I’ll always remember Aled Phillips from Kids In Glass Houses greeting me with the biggest hug and the most genuine “Thank you” every time I saw them, and the way The Gospel Youth will spend all of the time in the world talking to their fans after their gigs! There are some gems out there. Share in the comments section below, guys, it feels like we all need it right now.



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