REVIEW: Divide – Embers

divide embers ep

Alternative rockers from Glasgow, DIVIDE, are about to release their new EP Embers. Having had a few line-up changes since starting out in 2014, it’s no wonder they’ve seen a couple of setbacks. However, they have since regained momentum and seem creatively settled in their new release.

The EP kicks off with ‘Before I Go’, and immediately grips us with strong guitar riffs. Vocalist Nicole Mason, a soul and blues lover, displays strong vocals with an earthy grit. Some guitar picking calms the track down, showing great dynamics.

The next track ‘Last Words’ starts off with a strong drum beat that continues into the verses. A brief breakdown really makes the chorus stand out – and it’s very catchy! This continues until the end of the number, where a final heavy breakdown catches you off guard, but sounds great!

‘Catalyst’ showcases a new tone to Mason’s vocals as she sinks to those low notes – and it sure sounds good! The EP finishes on the title track ‘Embers’, starting off with a gentle piano melody before hastily moving onto the heaviest riff on the entire EP. The stabbing guitars match the vocal melody perfectly, both with musical note and timing, making this a real stand-out on this release.

Overall, DIVIDE have produced one hell of a decent EP. We have well thought-out melodies combined with strong female vocals that really blend. Mason’s voice is punchy and we can imagine it’d capture the attention of a live audience. These guys are definitely ones to watch!

Embers by Divide is out November 24th via self-release. 


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