REVIEW: The Offering – The Offering

offering ep

With so many bands around these days it is becoming increasingly harder for musicians to stand out among the masses. However Boston-based quintet, The Offering, have created a fusion of metal genres that does just that with their self-titled EP.

Right from the get-go, ‘Rat King’ comes screeching out the gates with an almighty scream. Power metal elements, check. What follows is a mix of clean, ballsy vocals over galloping riffs, melodic choruses, as well as a couple of interesting and very well phrased solos. No mindless shredding here. There’s even a touch of death growling in there for good measure.  The production helps the musicality of the song to really shine through, thanks to Andre Alvinzi and Jens Bogren on mixing and mastering duties.

Tales of Hell’ has a new combination of metal genres to mix up this time, with some thrash elements coming through. Due to some very careful songwriting it all melds seamlessly into a single unified song with plenty of melodic flourishes to add that extra layer of depth and variation throughout.

The Well’ mixes it up a bit with a more classic metal feel, displaying elements of Judas Priest, but still retaining it’s own identity. But in what is becoming a common theme among The Offering’s songs, there’s some surprises. Halfway through they mix things up with an almighty breakdown with melodic lines floating over the top, before the guitar solo is unleashed. There’s still a few more tricks in the song, but you’ll have to listen to find them out…

Time for a change in pace. ‘Witch Pit’ kicks in with a bouncy 12/8 feel. We are treated to plenty more great riffs and shows of vocal prowess as the drums pound away. Right on cue the song’s plot twist kicks in and it shifts gear in a new direction. By now it’s clear how skilled and versatile all of the musicians are within the band, able to switch between different styles of metal with ease.

Last up is the title track of the EP, ‘The Offering’. It starts with some very doom metal’esque chords, but slowly takes a more positive twist and a more ethereal edge, with vocal harmonies creating a bed of sound. We are then treated to a battle between death growls and powerful clean vocals, but there are plenty of direction changes to keep things fresh and interesting in what is probably the most adventurous song from the EP.  It pays dividends though, creating a great closing track for a great EP.

The EP is a great release, showing that The Offering are capable of joining the ranks of the bigger bands in metal. It will be interesting to see where the band are in a couple of years time as they do indeed have a lot to offer.



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